Mobile Offers Today & Coupon Codes: 60% Off On Smartphones & Accessories


Bored of your old outdated mobile? The new features in the newest models excite you?Then read on to find the best mobile offers today with top deals available on the latest in-demand mobile phones available out there. There are discounts of up to 40% and cashbacks of up to 20% on some of these models.

Mobile Offers for today

The ease of buying mobiles online is that you can get fantastic deals here that you can’t get from your regular shop. The product quality is genuine and easy replacements really keep you worry-less. So, let’s dive right into the best offers on smartphones today.


Product Offer available
Moto G5S 33% Discount
Vivo V9 Rs. 1,000 OFF
Nokia 2 19% OFF
Blackberry Q10 Flat 73% OFF
Honor Holly 3 Extra Rs. 6,500 Discount
Lenovo K8 Plus 9% OFF
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Rs. 10,000 Cashback
Oppo F1s 20% Discount
Samsung Galaxy S9+ Rs.6000 cashback on HDFC cards
Redmi Note 4 15% OFF
Micromax Canvas 6 Flat 30% Discount
Moto Z with style Mod Extra 10,000/- Discount
Apple iPhone 6 31% OFF
Vivo V7 plus Extra 5000/- OFF


Amazon Mobile Offers Today

If you’re looking for a new mobile, then Amazon mobile offers today have some of the best deals for you. With a discount of up to 33% on select products, almost all top brands are available for a great price. All the top brands like Samsung, Nokia and Xiaomi have select products available for special prices so go and snap those up before others do.


Major products to look forward to


Moto G5S f

The fifth generation of the successful series that Motorola makes its mark, the Moto G5S is the first ever model with a metal build and offers high-end performance for a low price.

  • Runs Android 7.1 and powered by an octa-core processor
  • 2-inch screen powered by a 3000 mAh battery that supports rapid charging.
  • Multi-Task with ease thanks to the 4GB RAM
  • 16 MP back camera and 5MP front camera and storage of 32GB expandable up to 128GB

Original Price: Rs. 14,999

Discounted Price: Rs. 9,999

Vivo V9

The perfect fit for all the photographers, whether amateur or pro. The Vivo V9 offers best in class camera experience and is perfect for both selfies or a nature trek. This model may be a camera frontrunner but doesn’t lag behind in other features too and is a must buy.

  • 16 MP dual camera at the back and a 24MP front camera
  • AI infused features to enhance photos even more
  • A 6.3-inch screen featuring the best of Android with Android Oreo
  • Snapdragon Octa-core processor working hand-in-hand with a 4GB RAM

Original Price: Rs. 23,999

Discounted Price: Rs. 22,999


Shopclues Mobile Offers Today

Looking for an upgrade on that old mobile but can’t find a perfect deal? Well, look no further than Shopclues mobile offers today, with discounts of at least 19% on some of the best models available today. Find brands like Micromax and Nokia with great deals.


Major products to look forward to:

Nokia 2:

An old runner making a comeback, Nokia has been releasing a fine range of Android products recently and this one is no different. Low on budget but need top features? Then get your hands on this one with this fantastic deal.

  • 5-inch LCD screen running Android N
  • Handle basic work with 1GB of RAM
  • 8GB internal space expandable up to 128GB
  • 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera

Original Price: Rs. 6,500

Discounted Price: Rs. 5,999

Blackberry Q10

A thing of the past for most, some still hold the trusted brand dear. And if you are one of them, then here is a jaw-dropping deal just for you to get your old favourite once again.

  • Classic Blackberry Qwerty Keypad with a 3.1-inch screen
  • Blackberry OS 10 and 16GB of internal storage
  • A 1.5GHz processor coupled with 2GB of RAM for a smooth experience

Original Price: Rs. 25,999

Discounted Price: Rs. 6,899


Flipkart Mobile offers today (h2)

The top player in the e-commerce market, Flipkart has been public-favourite thanks to its years of top-notch service. And as If the service wasn’t appealing enough, they keep bringing some of the best deals out there to their customers and they’ve done the same here with discounts of 46% on some of the best models.

Major products to look forward to:

Honor Holly 3:

Designed to impress, the Holly 3 is quite a steal already because of the top features it offers for already a low price. But guess what, Flipkart mobile offers today to make it even more of a must buy thanks to this huge discount of 46% that is available. Make a choice and get this one before stocks finish up.

  • 3GB RAM and internal storage of 32GB to keep you going
  • 5-inch display supported by a 3000 mAh battery that goes on the whole day
  • 13MP primary camera and an 8MP front camera to help you take the perfect selfies
  • Octa-core processor running Android M

Original Price: Rs. 13,999

Discounted Price: Rs. 7,499

Lenovo K8 Plus

The Lenovo K8 comes with a dual camera, a spec reserved for the high-end devices. And if that wasn’t enough, it comes with the classic Lenovo high-battery life so that your phone never runs out of juice.

  • Dual rear camera and a front camera with LED flash
  • Stock Android Nougat experience made smoother by an octa-core processor
  • 3GB RAM combined with 32GB of storage to let you use all the apps you want
  • 2-inch display running with a 4000 mAh battery which is really a marathon runner.

Original Price: Rs. 10,999      

Discounted Price: Rs. 9,999

Paytm Mobile Offers Today:

Paytm is India’s top e-wallet and rightly so. Every day millions of its users scourge the app to find the perfect deal. If you too were looking for mobiles, then you’re in luck, as these deals from Paytm mobile offers today is a must buy.

Major products to look forward to:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64 GB:

Samsung has been a trustable brand for android phones for quite some time and this flagship model from them is absolutely phenomenal. Full of innovative features, this bezel-less device is a piece of art and technology blended to perfection. And if you’re lucky enough to check PayTM mobile offers today, not only can you get this at a 15% discount, but also earn a further cashback of Rs. 10,000 using the code SAM10K

  • Running Android Oreo with a quad-core processor
  • 4GB RAM and internal storage of 64GB so that you face no limits
  • 2-inch screen powered by a highly efficient 3500 mAh battery
  • 12MP primary camera and an 8MP front camera to give you the best photos.

Original Price: Rs. 69,000

Discounted Price: Rs. 58,900


Snapdeal Mobile Offers Today:

A perfect stop for the top deals on all products, Snapdeal delivers once again in mobile phones too. Full of both top and lower end brands, there is a plethora of deals with discounts of up to 40%. You can get great deals at Xiaomi, Oppo and even Vivo products.

Major products to look forward to:

Oppo F1s:

A perfect fit for all the photography enthusiast, Oppo promises top-notch performance in all other categories too and not just the camera. The F1s, full of features that would put high-end models top shame, is not available with a 20% discount on Snapdeal Mobile offers today.

  • Octa-Core processor perfect to handle Android N
  • 3GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage makes it as good as any
  • 5-inch screen powered by a day-lasting battery
  • Comes with a 16MP front camera to get the perfect selfies.

Original Price: Rs. 19,999

Discounted Price: Rs. 15,999


Samsung mobile offers today:

Samsung has been the only top player who has been more dependent on in-shop sales rather than online ones but it has now started the shift with its wide availability on shopping sites and launching its own online store. Samsung mobile offers today get you a cashback of Rs. 6,000 if you use an HDFC card, on easily the best model you can get from them.

Major products to look forward to

Samsung Galaxy S9+ 

With a camera that is billed to adapt like the human eye, the galaxy S9+ is a pinnacle of innovation. With thee bezel-less unibody design, the phone is both sturdy and a work of art. Get Rs. 6000 cashback on this fantastic model, if you pay using an HDFC Credit card.

  • Dual aperture camera also includes super slow-motion capture
  • Augmented Reality stickers to make chatting way more fun than ever
  • 2-inch Quad-HD display powered by a battery with so many enhancements it won’t come to a stop in 2 days
  • Octa-core processor running the best of what Android has to offer
  • 6GB RAM and 256GB of storage makes sure there are no limits on usage.

Original Price: Rs. 72,900

Discounted Price: Rs. 66,900


Xiaomi Mobile Offers Today

Xiaomi has taken the Indian market by storm, with an astonishing number of sales and reviews a proof that it is a favourite of the masses. On a regular day, you’ll find an MI phone with the majority of people you come across, such is its appeal.

Major products to look forward to

Redmi Note 4 

No one is a stranger to the success the Note 4 has earned in the few months it has been out on the market. The lightning fast UI and easily the best battery available out there, the phone is a beast in terms of performance. And if you check out Xiaomi Mobile offers today, you will find a nice surprise deal of 15% off on this model. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this one as soon as you can and you won’t be disappointed.

  • 5-inch full HD Display and Android Nougat
  • A mammoth 4100 mAh battery that lives up to its expectations
  • Octa-core processor coupled with 4GB of RAM for the smoothest Android performance
  • 64GB of internal storage expandable up to 128GB so that low space is never an issue

Original Price: Rs. 12,999

Discounted Price: Rs. 10,999


Micromax mobile offers today

The only Indian brand that has kept up with the others in recent years, Micromax has done really well with some really great mobile options in the last few years. And if that isn’t enough, the Made in India tag it now offers is really appealing to many out there. And with discounts up to 30% in the Micromax mobile offers today, this is your chance to get your hands on Indian innovation.

Major products to look forward to

Micromax Canvas 6

Beautiful build and impressive tech, what else is there to ask for in a smartphone? The Canvas 6 comes with a metal unibody that makes this one a winner when it comes to looks. And if you really need any more reasons to choose this one, then the 30% discount it is available for is really an impressive one.

  • Launching apps are smooth and quick thanks to the tru-octa-core processor
  • 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage to ensure that your games never lag
  • 5-inch full HD display with a battery that promises a full day worth of charge
  • 8MP front camera enhanced to make your selfies perfect

Original Price: Rs. 9,999        

Discounted Price: Rs. 6,999


Moto Mobile Offers Today

Motorola still delivers despite it being overshadowed by the new players in the market. What it offers more than the other brands is durability in the budget smartphone range. It is one of the few companies to offer liquid and dust resistant smartphones at low prices.

Major products to look forward to

Moto Z with style Mod

Why be limited to what you originally bought when it comes to a smartphone? We all feel the need of something new time to time, and the Moto Z comes with just that to excite you from time to time with its Mods, which are magnetically attached to the back of your phone to make it do all that you wish for. These mods take this smartphone to a whole new level. And to sweeten the deal, even more, Moto mobile offers today to get you an extra 10,000/- of on this one!

  • Compatible with Moto mods – an extra battery pack, bass-speakers or maybe a projector mod!
  • 5-inch display with a battery that is billed to last the day
  • 13 MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera with image enhancements
  • 4GB RAM combined with a quad-core processor make the stock android faster

Original Price: Rs. 39,999

Discounted Price: Rs: 29,999


Apple Mobile Offers Today

Apple may be a luxury brand when it comes to smartphones, but it does deliver on each and every product. The brand itself decreases prices when the new models come out, which is a great steal for the price as the products are usable for quite some years with continuous updates and durable bodies. The apple mobile offers today features at least 20% discount on some of the top models in recent years.

Major products to look forward to:

Apple iPhone 6: (h4)

If a smartphone that can offer the best of both looks and performance is what you are looking for, then look no further than this one! The phone runs on the iOS and comes equipped with the famous Siri, a digital assistant that makes using your phone more fun than ever. A 31% discount on this makes it a deal you can’t miss.

  • 7-inch retina HD display with immersive colours
  • 2MP Facetime HD camera equipped with focus pixels delivers in all situations
  • Ergonomic seamless design with glass-metal body
  • The A8 chip that delivers more power than ever and increases battery life

Original Price: Rs. 72,200

Discounted Price: Rs. 49,990


Vivo Mobile Offers Today: (h2)

The best option when it comes to photos, Vivo offers mobiles that have high-end features for moderate budget prices. The brand is a newcomer in the market but has gained a stronghold thanks to the selfie craze in the modern world. It offers best in class cameras in its phones and if you are impressed by any of their models, then vivo mobile offers today bring you the best deals with discounts of at least 20% on the in-demand models.

Major products to look forward to:

Vivo V7 plus:

With a camera that offers the best selfies no matter what the conditions are, the 25MP front camera is the appealing feature of this model. And if that doesn’t set your mind to this one, then the impressive sleek body design would certainly make you think. Running Android Nougat out of the box and with features like face unlock and app cloning, this one Is a must buy.

  • Unibody design with an ergonomic ultra slim frame
  • Hi-Fi music chip custom made to deliver the best out of your music
  • 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM to deliver the best out of the apps you want
  • Snapdragon processor keeps everything efficient and fast with high battery life

Original Price: Rs. 24,999      

Discounted Price: Rs. 19,99

Those were some of the tops offers on smartphones today. So If you’re looking for an upgrade and would love a good deal, then this would help for sure. And with speedy delivery and good customer policy from all of the stores mentioned, there isn’t anything to worry about just excitement for your new smartphone.

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